Backhoe Loader

Product Description

Call to reserve (303) 466-1975.

Load Height – Std /td>

10.92ft in
Reach From Swivel – Std /td>

17.83ft in
Dig Depth – Std /td>

14.25ft in
Load Height – Ext /td>

13.92ft in
Dig Depth – Ext /td>

17.93ft in
Bucket Dig Force – Std /td>

Reach From Swivel – Ext /td>

21.42ft in
Transport Length 23.25ft in
Transport Width 7.16ft in
Transport Height 11.16ft in
Wheelbase 6.89ft in
Ground Clearance 1.01ft in
Height To Top Of Suspended Cab 9ft in

Call to reserve (303) 466-1975.

Reach At Max Dump Height 2.58ft in
Dig Depth 6.3in
Lift Capacity At Full Height 6200lb
Bucket Capacity 1yd3
Bucket Breakout Force 8500lb

Call to reserve (303) 466-1975.


Engine Make 2240
Engine Model 4045D
Gross Power 78hp
Net Power 73hp
Power Measured @ 2000ípm
Torque Measured @ 1000ípm
Net Torque Rise 28%
Net Max Torque 216lb ft
Max Speed – Forward 20.5mph
Max Speed Reverse 20.5mph

Call to reserve (303) 466-1975.